Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mi Na Rae @ Seri Petaling

Feel like eating korean stone rice or known as bibimbap? 
Getting the itch and urge to hunt for good bibimbap? 
Then you should drop by Mi Na Rae to eat. 

What makes the bibimbap here really good? 
Actually it's their own recipe of bibimbap sauce that makes this dish taste so good. 

I did try the bibimbap in other Korean restaurants such as Seoul Korea @ Taman Desa
and Daorae BBQ Restaurant but the taste is not as nice as the one in this shop.

Bibimbap Chicken/ Beef -RM18

Usually me and Adeline will order this and add rice (RM5) for our dinner then we will share the whole pot  plus side dishes. 
It will be very full for us. 

The picture below shows how it looks like after it has been stirred and mixed with the sauce.

Kimchi S.Dubu -RM16

My mum's & brother's favorite kimchi S.Dubu. Inside the pot
contains taufoo , pork & eggs. 
It comes with rice & it's not spicy.

We were served with 9 side dishes & sometimes the side dishes will served up to 11 side dishes.

One of my favorite side dishes is always kim chi.

The eggplant (brinjal) is one of the side dishes.

This pancakes is only served during weekend. 
It's my second favorite side dish too.

Instant fish paste side dish

Sprout side dish

Another type of sprout side dish & is not spicy at all.

The picture above shows what was served when I ate in Mi Na Rae for the first time.

Cauliflower side dish

Potato side dish

This is the interior of the restaurant.
You can opt to sit on chair or on the raised platform.

I feel sitting on the raised platform is much more interesting.

Overall , I will rate this restaurant above average & price is reasonable because we don't need to pay tax but 
have to pay service charge.

They also have BBQ.

For more pictures, click here.
It also shows Adeline's first time dining in this shop.

Same row as PappaRich & is near to Tuitti Fruiti,
beside Ton Kichi.


No. 39, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur


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Contact number(s):

016-3402658/ 012- 6956987

Not -available

Their staff & the lady boss is very friendly


  1. Gosh, your food pix reminds me of my recent trip to Seoul!

    1. Then u should drop by here to try =)


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